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Disposal / Recycling / Analysis


The facility with a tank volume of 26,500 cubic metres is located in the heart of the Port of Hamburg. Annually more than 100,000 tons of liquid hazardous waste from the shipping and land industry is received and processed.

Disposal and utilization of industrial and commercial waste:

  • Disposal and treatment of pumpable waste materials from the shipping industry
  • Treatment of water mixed with emulsions, wax, oil and sludge
  • Chemical-physical treatment and biological cleansing of oily waste water from shipping, chemical and commercial industries
  • MARPOL treatment facility
  • Taking delivery of oily residues from the shipping industry in compliance with the MARPOL Convention
  • Treatment and processing of slop and bilge water as well as ballast and rinsing water
  • Treatment and processing of residues from tank cleaning
  • Recycling oil
  • Heated tank farms